Fast and furious sounds from The Nutz

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Latest Newz: The Nutz are now online at YouTube. The video for Squirrel Power is their first upload , more to come soon!
The Nutz

The Nutz are a squirrel punk band from the small town of Nutting Hill on the outskirts of London, England. Formed in 2004 they are regulars at the Tuft 'n' Tail and are gathering a devoted following amongst the local Sciurus population. The band are currently performing live on their 'Lick My Nutz' tour so squirrels everywhere are getting the opportunity to get their tails twitching.

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With the release of their debut single, "Squirrel Power", they created an online home at with the help of their managers Eclectech and DogHorse. You can also view their Valentine performance of Love Nutz at the Twinkleberry Talent Show and they have performed alongside DogHorse on London Calling (an election special). Callo also performed a cameo in Not The Cliff Richard Christmas Single.

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